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Asterion Series Helps Reduce Total Cost of Ownership

Posted by Grady Keeton on Jan 4, 2018 10:01:29 AM


Asterion Series, total cost of ownership
The Programmable Power Asterion Series helps reduce total cost of ownership by allowing you to easily create custom waveforms that include transients, such as voltage surges or sags, voltage steps or sweeps, and voltage dropouts.

Ease of use is another factor that contributes to the total cost of ownership. The harder it is to program a power source to provide the output waveforms you need, the higher the cost of test development.

AMETEK Programmable Power sources make it easier for you to set up the waveforms you need. Our Asterion Series, for example, allows you to easily create custom waveforms that include transients, such as voltage surges or sags, voltage steps or sweeps, and voltage dropouts. A custom waveform can consist of up to 100 different transients, and users can create and run this list of transients via the front panel, the remote digital interface using the Asterion Virtual Panels application, or SCPI commands.

Downtime for calibration or repair is another factor in the total cost of ownership. We strive to reduce this as much as possible. We have service centers in the U.S. and Canada, Europe, and Asia so that we can get your equipment back to you as quickly as possible. Visit our website for a complete list of service centers.

One way that we reduce equipment downtime is by making firmware upgrades available on our website. To upgrade the firmware on our XG Series benchtop power supplies, for example, you simply download the firmware package from our website and follow the included instructions. The unit itself never has to be sent to a service center, and the downtime should be less than an hour.

We hope you now see that the price of a power supply is just a part of the total cost of ownership. By looking at the total cost of ownership and not just the price, you'll be able to select a supply that not only fits your budget now, but saves you money in the long run. When you purchase a power supply, you need to take into account more than just the price of the supply. The price is just one of the factors in the total cost of ownership. Other factors include:

  • Sales and application support
  • Ease of use
  • Downtime for calibration, repair, and upgrades

Sales and application support is crucial, especially if you're not a power supply expert. AMETEK Programmable Power excels at providing sales and application support. We can help you evaluate the power needs of your project and help you select the right power source for you. This process helps you save money in a couple of ways. First, you don't pay for more power than you need. Second, choosing the right power supply in the first place helps you avoid costly project delays.

For sales and application support on any of our products, you can send email to sales.ppd@ametek.com or phone 800-733-5427, if you are located in the U.S. Customers not in the U.S., can phone our main line at 858-450-0085. Online support is available worldwide by going to http://www.programmablepower.com/support/support.htm.

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