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FlexSys™ Test Platform Speeds Test Development

Posted by Bill Martin on Jan 19, 2018 10:16:13 AM

AMETEK’s FlexSys™ core ATE system provides a standardized test platform that enables test system engineers to jump start the development cycle. FlexSys is a fully documented platform that includes the test fixturing required to connect to complex devices under test (DUTs) and the test instrumentation needed to provide the test stimulus and make test measurements.


A standard configuration includes:

  • Integrated 19” rack
  • Power distribution and management
  • 6.5 digit DMM
  • 8-channel, 500 kSa/s AWG DAC
  • 256 channel 2-wire multiplexer switch
  • 40 Form A, 16 Amp relays
  • 320 Form A, 2 Amp relays
  • 4 channel, 200 MHz oscilloscope
  • 1.5 kVA AC source
  • 850 W DC source
  • 18-slot mass interconnect with system wiring harnesses
  • Industrial PC with 8-port serial interface
  • AMETEK Common Test Software executive

FlexSys makes extensive use of industry standards, such as LAN Extensions for Instrumentation (LXI), and is modular, scalable and can be easily modified. FlexSys uses AMETEK Programmable Power AC and DC power sources to provide power to a DUT and AMETEK VTI Instruments signal switching and instrumentation to connect a DUT to the test system and make measurements.

FlexSys supports ESS testing

FlexSys was recently selected by a large private defense contractor in India to automate Environmental Stress Screening (ESS) of a broad range of products including Electronic Warfare Systems, Missile/Launcher Interface and Control units and general Ground Support Equipment. They needed a test platform that would be flexible enough to address a wide-range of ground support electronics as well as support future test requirements. Because the contractor did not have the resources to design the system hardware and program the test sets for the various LRUs, they turned to AMETEK to supply a turnkey system.

The contract called for AMETEK to deliver an automated environmental test system with a high-power rack that would interface directly with a customer-supplied environmental chamber and be capable of testing up to 12 DUTs in parallel. Additionally, the system needed the following capabilities:

  • Remote monitoring using a video camera capable of zooming, capturing and storing videos of tests. This allowed customers to witness the testing in real-time while being able to view and analyze data without needing to visit the test lab.
  • A DUT interface (mass interconnect assembly) that could be configured to test different DUT types by changing a single test adapter or cable harness.
  • Customizable report generation that combined DUT test results with the environmental profile.
  • Simple configuration of temperature profiles through an intuitive graphical user interface.
  • A test architecture that was capable of exercising a wide-range of DUTs using a modular architecture that could be easily adapted to test other module types.
  • A robust software framework with tools that could be easily configured by operators to choose different test program sets as needed. To meet this requirement, AMETEK supplied AMETEK Common Test Software (ACTS). ACTS is a ready-to-run test management environment for organizing, controlling, and executing automated tests for prototype and production hardware validation, and ESS cycling.
  • The ability to execute a system self-test with fault isolation identification


AMETEK’s manufacturing team completed the delivery of the first system within nine months of receiving the order, which was one month ahead of schedule. The acceptance inspection and testing at the contractor’s facility yielded zero defects. The contractor commented that they “observed very good team coordination from AMETEK and the speed with which your team was able to grasp the requirements was excellent. Our CEO has appreciated the system provided by the AMETEK team and has given the go-ahead for quick implementation (at another site)."

For more information on this test system, download the application note, Flexible ATE Core Results in Rapid Development for Mil/Aero Contractor. For more information about other AMETEK Programmable Power products, send email to sales.ppd@ametek.com or phone 800-733-5427.

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