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EXLab Express Acquires Data Without Programming

Posted by AMETEK Customer Service on Feb 14, 2018 2:56:15 PM

EXLab Express is a powerful, easy to use, plug and play data acquisition software package that allows users of the EX1401 Thermocouple/Voltage Measurement Instrument to acquire data without programming. But, not only is it powerful and easy to use, it's free!

EXLab Express simplifies instrument configuration, acquisition and data display without sacrificing functionality or performance. EXLab Express features include:

  • Intuitive, icon-based setup and control
  • Spreadsheet-style channel configuration
  • Snapshot display with data export
  • Independent sampling rates for each instrument
  • Real-time online graphical data analysis

These features allow users to be up and running in minutes, not days or weeks. For example, the spreadsheet-style setup screen allows users to easily select the channels they want to acquire data from, specify the type of transducer connected to a channel, and configure the units of measurement and any warning and alerts associated with a channel.

Once the channels are configured, users can start data acquisition by simply clicking on an icon. During the data acquisition, users can “snapshot” the data. What this means is that the user can monitor the data acquisition to ensure that a test is running properly. An example of the data snapshot screen is shown below.

EXLab Express, data acquisition software

Once a test is complete, EXLab Express allows users to play back, display, and export data. All of these options make it easier for the user to make sense out of the data and take action on it.

To download EXLab Express, click here. For more information about EXLab Express, contact VTI Instruments directly at 949.955.1894 or vti.sales@ametek.com.

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