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AMETEK Introduces the RX0424, an All-New Rugged Accelerometer Instrument

Posted by Jon Semancik on Feb 12, 2019 9:39:37 AM

AMETEK VTI's new RX0424 IEPE/Voltage Instrument is a cost-effective new device that is ideal for measuring acceleration forces and sensing static and dynamic movement or vibrations. Fully-integrated IEPE current excitation and tachometer input channels further enhance the instrument’s utility and functionality.

The RX0424’s precise signal path design delivers laboratory-grade measurements to the field. The RX4024 provides exceptional accuracy and repeatability by using independent 24-bit analog-to-digital converters at programmable data acquisition rates up to 204.8 kSa per second. Multiple input ranges help ensure that users capture all vibration events, large or small, and precision

The RX4024 connects directly to Integrated Electronic Piezoelectric (IEPE) transducers, which have a built-in charge amplifier or voltage amplifier. IEPE current excitation sources can be programmed to supply either 4.5 mA or 10 mA drive current. These sources can also be tailored to specific application demands.

RX0424_lrOperates under extreme conditions

Features at a Glance:

  • 24-Channel IEPE Accelerometer/Voltage Inputs
  • 24-bit ADC per Channel
  • 8 ksamples/second/channel Sample Rate
  • Built-in Current Excitation
  • 2-Channel Synchronized Tachometer
  • MHz Tachometer Frequency Range
  • ±25V, ±250 V Tachometer Input Ranges
  • TEDS Support
  • BNC Input Connectors
  • Built in Self-calibration (BIT)
  • LXI Ethernet Interface
  • IEEE 1588 Synchronization with Data Time Stamping
  • Full-featured Embedded Web Interface

Testing aircraft and heavy equipment often means testing under extreme conditions. To meet these requirements, the RX0424 is rated to IP66 for solid protection against dust, spills, humidity, and water jets. The instrument can be used virtually anywhere, especially when combined with rugged Mil-Grade connectors. Its compact, light-weight design uses thermal conduction cooling techniques to dissipate heat without the use of a fan, yielding an extended operating temperature range of -20° C to +60° C.

These features make it easy for users to place multiple instruments around the test article near where measurements are being made. This not only reduce analog cabling and noise errors, but also lowers setup and maintenance times because transducer cable runs are shorter and more manageable.

Data correlation is achieved utilizing industry-standard IEEE-1588 synchronization and timestamp methodology. This applies both to individual channels within a single instrument and to multiple instruments distributed around the unit under test.

Software streamlines configuration, data analysis

EXLAb, AMETEK’s user-friendly software, streamlines configuration, data visualization and analysis. Open-source, industry-standard drivers and programming interfaces allow flexible selection of the application programming environment best suited to the application and specific development requirements. SDRL X-Modal III experimental modal analysis software further expands possibilities with task-oriented user interfaces, modal parameter estimation algorithms, parallel display capabilities, data management, and channel expandability.

To obtain more information on the RX0424 and either request a quote or purchase online, visit https://www.powerandtest.com/ate-data-acq/data-acquisition/rugged/rx0424. For more information on the RX0424 or any other AMETEK Programmable Power products, contact one of our sales representative by visiting www.powerandtest.com/sales-reps/vti-instrument-sales. Email us at sales.ppd@ametek.com or reach us directly by calling 800-733-5427 or 858-450-0085.


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