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White Paper: How Advanced Programmable Power Solutions are Improving Education and Research


Modern education and research are essential to creating the technology of the future. Good education creates the next wave of engineers and scientists, while research gives us all the tools and new scientific understanding to fuel our best designs.  

So, if education and research are so vital… what is vital to education and research? The answer: better power solutions. Specifically, advanced programmable power technology. From mechanical engineering and molecular physics classes to America’s National Labs and the world’s greatest RND teams, advanced power and testing solutions are at the heart of innovation.  AMETEK_EducationAndResearch_WhtPpr

AMETEK Programmable Power’s new white paper, Powering the Future: Enabling Education and Research Innovation Through Next-Level Power and Testing Solutions, details the key considerations for power and testing in the education and research space, along with current trends that are advancing what is possible. Read the white paper to learn all about: 

  • Advanced power and testing solutions  
  • The importance of programmable power 
  • The ongoing effort and effects of miniaturization 
  • The need for ultra-high precision monitoring equipment 

This industry resource is a must-have for anyone in the education and research space, as well as anyone looking to upgrade their power systems. Get the white paper today!