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Sam Hughes Returns to Programmable Power, Charts Unit’s Path for 2022

February 3, 2022
Topics: Company

AMETEK Programmable Power recently announced that Sam Hughes would be returning to the business as Vice President and Business Unit Manager. Sam is returning to Programmable Power after spending the last year as the Business Unit Manager for IntelliPower, where he led their successful integration into the AMETEK family. Prior to his time with IntelliPower, Sam served as Director, Global Services for AMETEK Programmable Power from 2019 to 2021.


Now in his new role, Sam took a few minutes to discuss the job and what lies ahead in 2022.Building_01


What has been your experience with AMETEK?

I joined AMETEK Programmable Power in 2019 with the goal of developing a global services organization. At the time of my arrival, AMETEK Programmable Power had already delivered great products for 30+ years, and it was my job to align those strong product offerings with a service program that let customers know they were going to have the best product experience throughout the entire product lifecycle.

After two years of successfully growing the Service business at Programmable Power, I joined IntelliPower in 2021, which AMETEK had recently acquired. My goal was to transition IntelliPower from a private company to an accountable, team-oriented business unit within AMETEK that kept the customer as its top priority. I was fortunate to be a part of one of the best team environments I’ve experienced in my career, and we were able to grow IntelliPower’s annual revenue by more than 50% in a year and have a lot of fun doing it in the process.

What is your vision for AMETEK Programmable Power?

We have the size, scale, and footprint to continue as a global leader in AC power, DC power, and test and measurement. I want this business to be a lean, efficient, and well-functioning organization that executes at the highest level. It all starts with building around people who care about showing up for work every day and fighting for one another to succeed, and I believe we already have many pieces in place. My job is to set achievable goals and support the team in realizing our potential as a business.

How do the Programmable Power and VTI Instruments businesses interact?

There is an interesting interplay between the two. The two sides of our business complement each other very nicely, which gives us the opportunity to offer a complete solution to our customers. That’s a big value-add in this business and one that we will aggressively look to grow.

How do you view the competitive situation?

We are competitive in price, performance, and service. Anyone can claim to offer the best performance about some esoteric specification, but likely no one is buying based on a single specification. Customers want a product that’s straightforward to buy and suitable for their application requirements. On top of that, customers want a product that makes their job easier. With Programmable Power and VTI Instruments combined, we can provide one answer for the customer when the competition isn’t able to do so.

What are your goals for 2022?

I want our customers to see us as the power supply and test and measurement company that can deliver product on time despite the global supply chain challenges the world is facing. I recently spoke with a mainline distributor who represents many companies, and all are experiencing a wide range of outages—they can’t get their materials/product. I want to walk out of this year with AMETEK Programmable Power being the business that figured out how to get customers their products on time and at the right price. I want them to know they can rely on us to meet their power supply and test needs.

What’s your strategy for accomplishing that?

It’s all about simplification. Today, we tend to do complicated things in complicated ways. We need to simplify our processes, cut the red tape, and reduce the complexities of getting products out the door to customers. We have a great team here that’s already stepping up to define our path forward. For 2022, we of course want to meet our topline numbers and make AMETEK proud to have us as a business, but more important is being a customer-focused organization that they can rely on during these extraordinary times.