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Improve Your Power Selection Today: The Insider’s Look into Selecting the Best Power Solution for Your Application


The right power supply can make all the difference. When you are creating a new product or setting up a test system, how you power your designs can have a major impact on their performance, efficiency and energy usage. Making the wrong choice can lead to: 

  • Performance losses and cost/energy inefficiencies  AMT_ProgrammablePowertHB
  • Delayed production/development timelines 
  • Noncollimated or unoptimized designs 
  • Failed products, or ones that never see the light of day 

That is why your power selection is of the utmost importance if you want your next great design to truly make an impact – your sales depend on it! AMETEK Programmable Power’s new industry resource, the Programmable Power Handbook: How to Select the Right Power Solution for Your Applicationwalks you through how to ensure your power supply is the right one. Selection criteria include: 

  • Compact designs/miniaturization 
  • Precision power 
  • Programmable power and modularity 
  • Regenerative power supplies 

The handbook also covers how to take a systematic approach to power selection, looking at your system as a whole. Emulation, stimulus and process power applications can all benefit from AMETEK Programmable Power’s walkthrough of how to achieve advanced precision programmable power systems.  

Download the handbook today. Better power is only a click away!