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EX1403 Provides 16-Channels of Bridge & Strain Gauge Measurements

Posted by Chris Gibson on Apr 12, 2019 8:46:32 AM

Manufacturing and test environments can be very demanding, and most manufacturers need test equipment that is both accurate and reliable to meet increasing product throughput demands. To meet these demands, AMETEK Programmable Power has introduced the VTI EX1403 16-channel bridge and strain gauge instrument. The EX1403 sets the standard for stress and fatigue testing, delivering the highest performance measurements possible while keeping overall test hardware costs low and maximizing system uptime.

The EX1403 has been designed to provide high-quality static or high-speed strain measurements for the following applications:

  • Airframe structural and fatigue test
  • Rocket and satellite structural test
  • Wind tunnel flight load test
  • General purpose bridge measurements
  • Load frame materials testing

To deliver the accuracy and reliability necessary for these applications, the EX1403 features:

  • 16 input channels that can be configured for either strain or voltage measurements
  • Independent 24-bit ADCs per channel, with a maximum 102.4 ksamples/second/channel sample rate
  • Extensive software-selectable filtering
  • Built-in signal conditioning with independent signal paths
  • Programmable excitation, and selectable bridge completion, all integrated into the instrument and configurable on a per-channel basis to greatly simplify setup and configuration
  • Compact 1U half-rack form factor

In addition to these core features, the EX1403 has a full-featured LXI Ethernet communications interface. You can connect the device directly to your network using industry-standard cables with the assurance that it will be a trusted and proven “network citizen.”

The LXI interface includes an embedded web page that you can use to control and monitor the instrument, as well as LXI extended functions that provide box-to-box synchronization to correlate acquired data precisely. Time-stamping of data and LAN Event Messaging simplify intermodular communication, eliminating the overhead normally attributed to application software running on the host controller.

The EX1403 also allows integration and synchronization of multiple devices by using the IEEE-1588 v2 Precision Time Protocol (PTP) standard. Using PTP, the EX1403 will return all measurement data with an IEEE-1588 timestamp code. The time difference between units will typically be less 200 ns, ensuring that acquired data is tightly correlated across the test article.

This allows you to build a system that can scale from tens to thousands of channels, and lets you position the instruments extremely close to the measurement points of interest. This reduces the length of your analog cabling and minimizes errors caused by noisy environments.

Additionally, the EX1403 can be powered using Power Over Ethernet (PoE). This allows you to use a single cable for both power and data capture, which again reduces your cabling cost and maximizes uptime.

Additional Information

For more information on AMETEK’s programmable power supplies and programmable loads, contact an authorized AMETEK Programmable Power sales representative in the United States by visiting https://www.powerandtest.com/sales-reps/programmable-power-sales AMETEK Programmable Power also can be contacted directly toll free at 800-733-5427 or 858-450-0085 or at ppd@ametek.com.

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