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Application Note Emphasizes Multi-Output Supplies’ Flexibility, Power Density

June 29, 2022

Multiple-output programmable DC power supplies can serve a wide range of applications, extending from semiconductor tests to process control. When selecting such supplies, look for flexibility as well as power density. Concerning the latter, choose a supply that maximizes output power while minimizing size—for example, a three-output supply that offers a 5,100W total output power in a 1U chassis.ASA-ASM-appnote copy

Look for flexibility in many forms, including a wide selection of output voltages and currents—for example, triple-output models offering fixed maximum voltage and current ratings from 40V at 42A to 600V at 2.8A, for a 1,700W power rating per channel. For even more flexibility, choose a supply with autoranging, which lets you operate each channel at various voltages and currents within a fixed constant-power curve. You will also want flexibility in the form of a front-panel color touch-screen, analog and digital remote-control options and a capable front-panel GUI for remote control.

AMETEK Programmable Power has recently introduced two series of triple-output programmable DC supplies. See the application note Multiple-Output DC Supplies Combine Flexibility and Power Density to learn more about these supplies and what benefits they have brought to two prime contractors who have applied them in military and aerospace test applications. For more information on the product series, see the Asterion DC ASA Series and the Asterion DC ASM Series.