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Amplify Your Test and Measurement Success


Explore AMETEK Programmable Power's New Comprehensive Resources 

In the test and measurement world, having the right equipment and knowledge is essential for accurate and reliable results. We offer a wealth of resources to empower you in harnessing the full potential of programmable power solutions. We wanted to update you on some recent new resources we added to our website, including application notes, an eBook, and a microsite—all designed to enhance your understanding and optimize your test and measurement capabilities. 


New Application Notes Explore Industry Solutions 

Sometimes it helps to see how others have incorporated test and measurement solutions into their industry applications. That's why AMETEK Programmable Power offers a range of application notes that showcase the capabilities of its products in various industries. Let's delve into four of our newest compelling application notes: 


amt-pp-app-note-oil-and-gasOil Field Services AC Sources Application Note 

The oil and gas industry demands robust, reliable power sources for critical applications. This application note explores how AMETEK Programmable Power's AC sources meet the specific requirements of oil field services. Discover how our programmable AC power sources can provide precise control, simulate real-world conditions, and ensure the safety and integrity of your equipment in challenging environments. 


amt-pp-app-note-solarResearch Institute SAS PV Energy Storage Application Note 

Renewable energy and energy storage systems are gaining prominence in pursuing sustainable power solutions. This application note delves into the solution for SAS PV energy storage testing in research institutes. Learn how our programmable power sources and test solutions enable accurate simulation of solar array inputs and efficient evaluation of energy storage systems, empowering researchers to drive advancements in renewable energy technology. 


amt-pp-app-note-aerospaceNew Space Satellite Power & Test Application Note 

The new space industry is rapidly evolving, with satellite technology playing a vital role. This application note explores how programmable power solutions address the unique challenges of satellite power testing. Discover how our programmable power supplies and switching devices provide precise control, accurate simulations, and high performance, enabling efficient testing and validation of satellite power systems for reliable space missions. 


amt-pp-app-note-renewable-evRenewable EV Micro-Inverter Sources & Loads Application Note 

The electrification of transportation is driving the need for advanced power electronics in electric vehicles (EVs). This application note focuses on AMETEK Programmable Power's micro-inverter sources and loads for renewable EV testing. Explore how our programmable power products enable comprehensive performance testing of micro-inverters, including grid-tied operation, load transient response, and fault conditions, ensuring the efficiency and reliability of renewable energy integration into the EV ecosystem.  


AMETEK Programmable Power's application notes provide valuable insights into the capabilities and versatility of our solutions across diverse industries. Whether involved in oil field services, renewable energy research, space technology, or EV development, these application notes offer a wealth of information to enhance your test and measurement capabilities. Check out our other application notes and resources in different industries here to unlock the full potential of our solutions for your specific industry needs. 


All About Programmable Power 

In two new foundational pieces, an eBook and microsite, AMETEK Programmable Power offers resources that empower you to maximize the potential of your programmable power applications. By leveraging the knowledge and insights shared within these resources, you can enhance your understanding of programmable power fundamentals, optimize equipment selection, improve efficiency, troubleshoot issues effectively, and stay informed about product lifecycles. These resources demonstrate our commitment to supporting our customers throughout your test and measurement journey. 


amt-pp-brand-ebook-cover-1eBook: Selecting the Right Programmable Power Solution: Get the Most Out of Your Programmable Power Applications 

This informative eBook is a comprehensive guide designed to empower you with the knowledge and expertise to optimize your programmable power applications. It covers many topics, including understanding the fundamentals of programmable power, selecting the right equipment for your needs, maximizing efficiency, and troubleshooting common issues. By leveraging the insights shared in this eBook, you can enhance your test and measurement processes, improve productivity, and achieve accurate and reliable results. 


Microsite: Guide to Selecting the Right Programmable Power Solution

This web microsite details modern advancements in power supplies, the importance of power systems, and how to get the right solution based on your specific application. It’s based on our eBook, Selecting the Right Programmable Power Solution, and offers multimedia opportunities to showcase how to choose the right modern programmable power supplies for you and your application. It covers key factors such as voltage, current, power range, programming capabilities, and interfaces. By following this guide, you can make informed decisions, ensuring that your programmable power solution aligns with your testing needs. 


Also, don't miss our recent eBook and Microsite supporting your guide to product lifecycles: 

eol-transition-prodEasing the Transition: Product Development & the Evolution of Your Programmable Power Supplies 

Learn more about taking control of your product lifecycle management and consider a reliable supplier who goes above and beyond to communicate end-of-life (EOL) dates, provides robust transition plans and offers unwavering support during the transition to new products. Assess how software emulation can be a short-term fix for replacing EOL legacy products and safeguarding legacy software. But remember, it's crucial to create a solid long-term plan to upgrade to modern solutions in cutting-edge programmable AC sources and DC supplies. In our eBook, we've got you covered with essential insights: application suitability, scalability options, power ranging, and more.  


Product Lifecycles Guide for Programmable AC Power Supplies and DC Power Sources 

This microsite focuses on the lifecycles of programmable AC power supplies and DC power sources to further support your journey toward effective programmable power applications. This resource provides an in-depth understanding of product lifecycles, including details on product introductions, updates, and retirements. By staying updated with the lifecycles of programmable power products, you can make informed decisions about equipment upgrades, maintenance, and replacements, ensuring continuous operational excellence. 


With AMETEK Programmable Power's expertise and resources, you can achieve accurate, reliable, and efficient test and measurement processes, driving innovation and success in your field.  


And check out our similar newest resources with our VTI Instruments brand, outlined in the blog here. Or, contact us today to learn more!