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AMETEK Programmable Power & VTI Meet Energy Industry Needs

May 21, 2018

Energy and power generation has evolved into one of the key growth industries of the 21st century. Customers depend on AMETEK VTI Instruments data acquisition and monitoring instruments and AMETEK Programmable Power power sources to deliver the accuracy and precision required to develop highly efficient and reliable products and gain a competitive edge in the global energy market.

Data and measurement integrity

Simply having high accuracy specifications alone doesn’t make AMETEK VTI Instruments the leader in delivering measurements that ensure data integrity. What sets us apart from the competition is our proven reliability and our experience supporting the world’s largest installed base of data acquisition customers for over 25 years.

Mini TC jacks allows users to connect up to 48 thermocouples to the AMETEK VTI Instruments EX1048A 48-Channel Precision Thermocouple Measurement Instrument.

Designs that incorporate integrated signal conditioning and internal end-to-end self-calibration give instruments like our EX1048A 48-Channel Precision Thermocouple Measurement Instrument the ability to measure calibrated thermocouples with accuracies that are within +/- 0.2 degrees C.

Simple and easy to use

Setting up a test for a gas turbine generator can be time consuming and costly with most commercial instruments because of cumbersome interface schemes that turn field wiring into a difficult chore. AMETEK VTI Instruments' integrated solutions provide direct connections to thermocouples and eliminate the need for external reference junctions, patch panels or terminal blocks.

In addition, our turnkey ‘set up and go’ software solutions means you don’t have to waste valuable time developing custom application code or attending expensive training sessions that can further delay your time to production.

Accurate PV Array Simulation

Residential and commercial solar energy systems are rapidly emerging as a “renewable energy” alternative to utility-supplied power. For microgrid, energy storage, and inverter test applications, the AMETEK Programmable Power TerraSAS™ Standalone TerraSAS Photovoltaic Simulator emulates the dynamic electrical behavior of a terrestrial PV solar array. They offer low output capacitance and high closed loop bandwidth to keep up with the advanced Maximum Power Point Tracking (MPPT) algorithms used in today’s grid-tied inverters. Output power ranges from 850 W, to test the latest generation of microinverters, to 15 kW to test utility-scale inverters.

Distributed open architecture and precise data synchronization

Since the world’s leading energy research companies often place their test solutions in remote environments, AMETEK VTI Instruments and AMETEK Programmable Power provides users with unmanned measurement capability.

Our highly distributable solutions are based on the LXI specification, which is an industry standard for LAN supported by over 50 leading instrumentation suppliers. It delivers unparalleled synchronization of distributed measurement data. Using our LXI solutions, data from generators in South America can be viewed and synchronized by engineers in California, Japan, or anywhere with Ethernet access.

We have proven experience in the following industries and can help architect the right system that meets the application’s requirements:

  • Gas turbines generators
  • Steam generators
  • Nuclear power
  • Renewable energies - wind, wave, solar or fuel cells